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Download a FREE Excel scrolling calendar below. This spreadsheet is a useful tool for small businesses. The most popular application for the spreadsheet is for tracking vacation and holiday time for employees.

It's a very simple spreadsheet. It could also be referred to as a rolling calendar or floating calendar. The output is a one page printable calendar that scrolls 11 months into the future based on a starting month. Embedded formulas automatically calculate the future months based on a starting month.

For example, if the starting month entered is 10/1/14, then 11 future months are automatically calculated, or from November 2014 through September 2015. A full 12 month year is calculated from this begin date.

Most companies accrue vacation hours based on a hire date or seniority date. This date "floats" each year in comparison to a company's fiscal or accounting year. The scrolling calendar allows the user to print a calendar page each year that is based on an employee's date of hire month.

A popular method for using the calendar for tracking time-off is to handwrite a code for each day off taken. Examples include "V-8" for 8 vacation hours, or "S-8" for a sick day. Other codes could be "H" for holiday time, or "J" for jury duty, etc.

The spreadsheet is really just a form, but it saves a large amount of time over trying to manually key dates each year or to print a December year-end calendar and overlap multiple years. It's of course a software tool for smaller companies without the resources to author a major software application.

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Free Scrolling Calendar


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